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From the gaze of Man on Nature, the eternal motion of Life is born.

Where the gaze ends, a thought begins. Where a thought ends, the earth begins. Where the earth ends, our hand begins. And where our hand ends, our wine is born. And again a new thought begins.

Like the tree in the continuous passing of the seasons. The branches and roots merge, giving a glimpse of infinity. What dies is reborn.

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La Leccia farm is located on the hills near Montespertoli in the heart of Chianti.
It is an area with a centuries-old wine vocation where the cultivation of the vine has become culture.

The property, located about 200 meters above sea level, is surrounded by a vast forest of holm oaks that protects the crops, which are managed organically. The soils are happily exposed and, thanks also to soils made of complex clays and hamlets of Alberese, La Leccia is able to produce a magnificent variety of wines.

The Bagnoli family has made a commitment to protect this small portion of the territory. A family history that comes from this land, develops here and returns to the land out of a simple sense of gratitude, dignity and respect.

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