• Denomination
    Vin Santo del Chianti DOC
  • Grapevines
    Trebbiano Toscano 80% - Malvasia del Chianti 20%
  • Production
    1,000 bottles
  • Origin area
    Montespertoli, Florence (Tuscany)
  • Price
    24,90 €
  • Quantity
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It is a bright, intense gold in colour, with amber and orange highlights. On the nose the dominant notes are those of ripe medlars, apricots and dried figs, but also of hay and honey. It is exuberant and explosive on the palate, with a long, full, silky and mouth-filling flavour.


  • Type of soil
    Clayey loam, moderately calcareous
  • Breeding system
    Cordon Spur
  • Plant density
    4,200 vines/ha
  • Performance of grapes per hectare
    7,000 kg/ha
  • Harvest period
    Half October
  • Alcohol content
Vinification and maturation
The grapes are very carefully selected and picked by hand when they are absolutely ripe, before being hung on the winery’s old ‘’appassitoi a fili’’ (drying wires). By using this method, the bunches do not come into contact with each other and the drying process can take place at just the right speed, so that the fruit remains perfectly intact and healthy. When they have lost sufficient moisture and their concentration of sugars and aromas have reached the desired levels (in mid-January), the bunches are removed from the wires, cleaned of any moulds that might have developed, and then destemmed and pressed in an ancient vertical press (‘’strettoio’’). This pressing lasts 2-3 days, or for as long as one can extract even a few drops of ‘’nectar’’. The must is then left to settle and clear at room temperature and subsequently transferred into wooden barrels (100-litre carati and barriques), where the product rests – without being topped up – for 15 years in the vinsantaia, a room subject to the natural oscillations of temperature and humidity. Lastly, the wine is removed from the wood and put provisionally in small stainless steel tanks to clear and be prepared for bottling, which always takes place without any filtration.
Tips for the service
At a temperature of between 9 and 11°C, in glasses of medium size.
Gastronomic pairings
Ideal for accompanying blue cheeses and others that have complex flavours, are hard and very mature. It is also recommended for sipping on its own or with the rich pastries of Tuscan tradition (panforte, pan de’ santi, cavallucci and cantucci).