“ From the gaze of Man on Nature, the eternal motion of Life is born. ”


eternal rebirth

This tree, which spreads its foliage all over the Mediterranean, which penetrates its roots in the Tuscan land, which lives in silence within us, is our most intimate essence. Multiform under the heat of summer or the autumn wind, always different in the thousand lights of day and night, it leads us back to the beauty of the right change. Historical symbol of strength and courage, it reminds us of the vigor of our tradition, which has stubbornly formed over the centuries to guide us towards the future. If man considered it to be a prophetic tree and consecrated to the cult of Pan, divinity of the Wild Nature, or as an allegory of Christian Redemption, nature gives it to us as an indestructible plant, capable of regenerating itself from its roots even after fires, cuts and diseases.

Our inspiration is this continuous rebirth fixed in our image and foundation of our values ​​of making wine: respect for nature, right change and artistic tension. It is the eternal rebirth that improves us every year, with strength and courage. Like the fruit that is born, ripens, is picked and reborn. Year after year, better and better. From the tree of eternal rebirth, this enterprise is reborn.

Respect for nature

The holm oak is a symbol of strength and courage as well as a tree consecrated to Pan, divinity of the Wild Nature. This metaphor makes us reflect on nature that goes trought the seasons with invisible determination. And we can only protect it and accompany it.

La Leccia respects nature with fundamental choices such as organic certification, beekeeping and care of the forest that surrounds the property, essential elements for biodiversity. Also the use of machinery, both in the fields and in the cellar, is reduced to a minimum ample space for manual action.

Right change

Holm oak is an indestructible plant capable of being reborn from its roots even after severe adversity. This image suggests that stubborn transformation that we are so passionate about, born from respect for tradition and creator of that innovation that brings progress.

La Leccia aims at the right change through the enhancement of the native vines, Sangiovese and Trebbiano, and their different interpretation. Rediscovering ancient methods of winemaking and undertaking new paths of experimentation with measured choices are the guidelines on which to proceed. Cantagrillo and Sua Santità, as well as Il Leccino and Rubedo, are the expression of this exciting vision under the sign of quality.

Artistic tension

The holm oak is a mysterious beauty similar to a natural work of art. Is it right to leave nature completely free or is better to build a dialogue with it? We choose this contact through the Arts, the know-how understood as both artistic-aesthetic and agricultural-handicraft work.

La Leccia searches for this artistic tension both in its identity and in its daily work. From artworks to labels with poems that tell the expression of wine, from manual operations in the vineyard to those in the cellar, art finds here its most beautiful expression.