• Denomination
    Vino Spumante di Qualità Brut
  • Grapevines
  • Production
    5,000 bottles
  • Origin area
    Montespertoli, Florence (Tuscany)
  • Price
    13.90 €
  • Quantity
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Its colour is a bright pale pink, reminiscent of peach blossom, with vibrant, gleaming highlights. The dense and persistent perlage is characterized by a very white mousse that evaporates in the glass in a gradual and elegant manner. On the nose one finds very intense, inviting aromas of fresh fruit, such as peach, wild strawberry and ripe papaya. Great freshness, liveliness and creaminess are highlighted on the palate, along with a tangy finish and an attractive harmony between its various components.


  • Type of soil
    Clayey loam, moderately calcareous
  • Breeding system
    Cordon Spur
  • Plant density
    4.200 vines/HA
  • Performance of grapes per hectare
    7,500 kg/ha
  • Harvest period
    Beginning of September
  • Alcohol content
Vinification and maturation
The grapes are picked earlier than usual and in the coolest hours of the morning, in order to preserve their acidity. They are then crushed and destemmed and immediately chilled to a temperature of 6°C. They then undergo soft pressing, without any maceration. The must thus obtained is first subjected to static clarification at 4°C, then racked and the solid matter removed; lastly, the fermentation process is triggered off at a controlled temperature of 15°C. The wine is then kept on its fine lees for 3 months at 10°C, preventing the malolactic fermentation. This is followed by the creation of the cuvée, a slow prise de mousse in pressurized tanks (using the “Charmat lungo” method with prolonged maturation on the yeasts), stabilisation and bottling. This last operation is carried out roughly 6 months after the prise de mousse.
Tips for the service
The optimum temperature is 4°C, in flute glasses.
Gastronomic pairings
Ideal as an aperitif and for accompanying all kinds of starters, whether meat, vegetable or fish and seafood-based.